Droniada contest

The competition for academic teams in the field of unmanned systems


Drones, beacons and the Internet of Things have been employed in rescue operations at the Krakow Aeroclub in 2017. The following task has been set for the academic teems.

Unexpectedly, a hurricane passed through the region, reaching up to 200 km/h. It destroyed the houses within a radius up to 900 meters from LAKSTART. According to the triage method, paramedics marked 10 victims using beacons for marking. These devices transmit an omnidirectional Bluetooth 4.0 signal within a radius about 65 meters. Rescuers found victims in various configurations: they lay together or in the distance. The wounded victims were expected to be evacuated.

Drone teams entered the action to prepare a medical evacuation plan and support it.

Second place was the Squadron team from AGH. They also received the Honorary Award of the Head of the National Security Office. The line-up consisted of Łukasz Motyl, Witold Niewiem, Mateusz Prusaczyk and Michał Lal.